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Area Slovakia

Slovakia has an area of ​​49,036 km ².

Border formalities for Slovakia

For Slovakia a valid passport or a valid identity card is required.

Capital of Slovakia

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.

Climate/ Weather in Slovakia

The climate in Slovakia has a continental character with warm summers and cold winters. In the Tatras is more rainfall than in Bratislava. The driest period is from January to April.

Culinary Slovakia

Slovakia has some typical dishes such as pirohy, a potato dish, ryndzove halušky 'consists of potato dumplings with sheep cheese over it and fried bacon. For dessert there is palacinky, pancakes stuffed with chocolate, jam or cheese. Slovakia has a decent wine culture, in the hills near Bratislava and along the Hungarian border, brands are Gala Fruit and OstroŽovic.

Culture of Slovakia

Slovakia has not been independent for a long time, yet the country has a unique culture. Slovakia has many beautiful castles. From the past, there is still remaining wooden architecture.

Economy of Slovakia

Slovakia used 33.2% of the land for agriculture (wheat, sugar beet, corn). Important industries are machinery and vessel construction, textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as the production of household items. The services sector contributes about 40% to the GDP.

Electricity in Slovakia

The voltage is 230 volts in Slovakia, they use the standard European plug.

Fauna Slovakia

In the mountains of Slovakia there is an alpine fauna: marmots, mice and snow Karpatengemsen. The large predators like bears and wolves are still very rare. In the waters of Slovakia is trout, pike, carp and eels. In large reservoirs (eg Orava) life-size catfish and in the rivers in northwestern Slovakia is a special salmon species present.

Flora Slovakia

In the mountainous areas of Slovakia you'll find the typical flora of Central Europe: forests with both deciduous and pine trees. Slovakia also has many small nature reserves, such as the landscape of Pol'ana in the Slovak Ore Mountains, National Park Pieniny and the largest wetland area in all of Central Europe, sur, northeast of Bratislava.

Flying to Slovakia

For many countries, there are no direct flights to Slovakia, but many airlines offer connections from other cities in Europe or into Vienna.

General travelinformation Slovakia

The official name of Slovakia is the Slovak Republic (Slovenská republika). On 1 January 1993 the country broke away from Czechoslovakia. Slovakia consists of eight regions (kraj).

Geography of Slovakia

Slovakia is bordered by the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. Slovakia consists mainly of mountain areas, which are all part of the Beskids and the Carpathians. In the southwest and in the extreme southeast there are low-lying areas, such as the Pannonian plain. The highest mountain in Slovakia is located in the High Tatras: Gerlachovský štít, it is 2655 meters. The main rivers are the Danube in Slovakia, the Little Danube, Váh, Hron.

Going out in Slovakia

The only real entertainment city is Bratislava. Theaters, bars, clubs and restaurants can be found in almost all the old center of the city. The other cities, such as Trnava, Prešov, Banská Bystrica, Košice and Nitra have a limited range of entertainment.

Government of Slovakia

Slovakia joined the EU in 2004. Since May 1 Since 2007, Slovakia is also part of the Schengen zone. Slovakia is a parliamentary republic.

Healthcare in Slovakia

For Slovakia are no vaccinations required. Tap water is safe to drink, but the water is slightly chlorinated, you can prevent this by drinking bottled water.

Inhabitants of Slovakia

Slovakia has 5.483.088 (2012) inhabitants.

Internet in Slovakia

Broadband internet is good available. In Slovakia Many hotels, restaurants and bars offer free internet access (often wireless) for their guests.

Language in Slovakia

The official language is Slovak in Slovakia. The main minority languages ​​are Hungarian, Romani and Ukrainian.

Moneymatters Slovakia

In Slovakia one uses the euro, on 1 January 2009 the country joined the euro area.

National Anthem of Slovakia

Nad Tatrou sa blýska is the national anthem of Slovakia. The song is from 1844 and is based on a demonstration tour of students of the Evangelical Lutheran Lyceum of Pressburg, as a protest against the dismissal of their teacher by the Hungarian authorities. The text is written by Janko Matuska.

Post Slovakia

Stamps (známky) are available at post offices, bookshops and tobacconists in Slovakia.

Religion in Slovakia

Most Slovaks are Roman Catholic.

Safety in Slovakia

The national emergency number is 112 in Slovakia.

Shopping in Slovakia

In the big cities, handicrafts are sold in stores ÚLUV (Slovak folk culture). Who wants extensive shopping can best go to Bratislava.

Smoking in Slovakia

In places where food is served is a strict smoking ban.

Telephony in Slovakia

The country code for Slovakia is +421.

Time in Slovakia

The time zone in Slovakia is UTC +1.

Tipping in Slovakia

In Slovakia, service charges are usually included in the restaurant or hotel bill. If that is not the case then a tip of 10-15% is sufficient.

Traffic in Slovakia

The country code of the registration in Slovakia: SK.


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